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My name is Aimee and I am a second year Midwifery student at the University of Greenwich. I was a country bumpkin living in Devon until recently, when I moved to London to become a midwife. Having completed my first year of training in the big city I can't imagine myself anywhere else! Even though I have only just entered my 20s, it feels like it has been such a long journey to get to where I am.

After completing my A-levels I worked in retail and as a care assistant for a care home. I gained experience in health care and saved up my money for travels in the summer before university. It was an important year for me, a year full of reality checks, successes and failures, life lessons and changes. On February 4th I received my place to study at university, and I have been living and breathing midwifery ever since. In the summer of 2013 I travelled out to Africa and volunteered in a high-risk labour ward. There I delivered my first 4 babies- it was a life-changing experience that ignited my passion for maternity care. I am very proud of what I do even though my career is only just beginning. (Exciting!)

I would describe myself as opinionated, humorous, driven and enthusiastic. It is well-known that health care courses are intense; however I strive to fit in a social life around the hard work and unsociable hours! Since living in Greenwich I have become somewhat of a foodie; I love finding new restaurants (and eating in general). I am part of the University's Hockey team which has provided me with a circle of friends outside of my course- which has proved to be a great way to let off steam. I live on the Isle of Dogs, near Canary Wharf, with 5 fellow students! I’m always keen for Pilates and Yoga to clear my mind and keep fit. I also spend a lot of my time with my boyfriend, whom I met at fresher's week last year, and frequently visit the much-loved Student's Union bar with my friends.

Life as a student midwife can be challenging at times- however it is never boring. So I am writing this blog in an attempt to note down my day-to-day adventures and misadventures. Enjoy!

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